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My sister got married in Barcelona last month. It was all sudden and unexpected that everything was rushed. From the venue of the wedding per se to the reception, to even the venue of the honeymoon and that decorations, all of these were decided on the last minute. It was a huge headache for us. But you know what we overlooked? The photographers who will cover. Good thing my friend gave me a contact from this company. It was the same company who covered his wedding back in 2016. Fingers crossed I spoke with them, and voila! We already have their service. What is the best thing about it is that they didn’t even overcharge us for the rush arrangement. They gave the same cost as they give everyone else even though they are already fully booked due to the peak season. They managed to squeeze us in within projects. The customer service representative we spoke with is very polite although we have already been a bit agitated speaking to her. She maintained her professionalism and politeness as she helped us through the process of booking an appointment. This company is a real lifesaver for all of us.




I commissioned the service of this company for my baby’s birthday. To be honest, at first, I was a bit hesitant because it is the first time I am going to hire their service. We usually have our favorite photographers and videographers who cannot accommodate our event the because their schedules were already fully booked. The outcome? We were more than satisfied. There is something unique in the way they took pictures that I was happy I considered them for the job. Their images seem alive and the feelings of every person were there. Much recommended. This is now my favorite photography service in the market.