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About Us

U Me Us Studios is a photography studio that is the leading choice of many individuals in the United States. It was established in 2003 and since then had never stopped in rendering their clients amazed of their exquisite talent. They manage to breathe life to every image they take which sets them apart from other professional photographers in the country.


This company was originally founded by 4 photographers who specialize on different types of photography – Maddie on portrait, Chelsea on landscape, Mario on moving subjects, and Tim on wildlife. Although they have their own specializations, this did not become a hindrance to them in putting their talents together to create one company that is sought-after when it comes to professional photography. This even became their advantage because not only they managed to expand their knowledge to other types of photography, their skills were not also found lacking by the customers. Every time, they managed to deliver their promise of good service and high-quality photos.


Here at U Me Us Studios, we got you covered from fashion-forward images to event coverage. We do portraits to for an individual or the whole family. No matter the theme you choose, we got your back. We have the latest equipment that even enhances that already high-quality photos we provide. Our output varies depending on the packages you avail from us. But for every printed copy we are going to give you, there is a corresponding soft copy you can upload to your social media channels.


Having a destination wedding or destination event? No problem. We can be your professional photographers too. We won’t miss being a part of the team that would jump start a new chapter in your life. Just call us today and let us talk about possibilities. Visit our Contact Us page to know how to reach us. We’ll be waiting!